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  1. Happy BORNDAY, STARS!!
    from Brandi Alyssa Young

  2. Happy Birthday Star QA. You all are doing a great job. I highly enjoy this page. #Blessings.
    from Trish

  3. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for letting me be part of STARSQA, incredible journey :) xoxo
    from Cleo Tellier

  4. Happy Birthday Star QA good job!!!😄
    from Pandoria

  5. Happy Birthday Stars QA ✨ Thanks for doing what you do 😘 So happy to be a part of this journey!!!
    from Raina Harten

  6. Happy Birthday to StarsQA. Jenny gave birth 2 years ago to a great site with a bunch of people. I am sure StarsQA will be here long after I am gone from this earth. Great work Jenny :)
    from Jonathon Sharkey

  7. Happy Birthday starsQ&A. Thank you for giving us the chance to ask questions which will be answered. Love from Germany!
    from antonia

  8. Happy birthday!! Thanks for having me :)
    from Alyssa Lobit

  9. Happy 2nd Birthday! Wishing you many more.
    from Chris

  10. I'm not on it but I wish u a happy 2nd birthday
    from Taryn

  11. Happy Happy Birthday StarsQA!!! Thanks for letting me a part of you. May you prosper more and help a lot more people in the future.
    from Shernan

  12. Happy Birthday! Thank for inviting me!
    from J.Michael Trautmann

  13. Happy Birthday Stars! Thanks for asking me along for the ride!
    from Michael Worth

  14. Have a great Birthday!!! <3
    from Cynthia Gaedy Davidson

  15. Happy Birthday StarsQA! Looking forward to another year full of Blessings!
    from Jessica Mikayla Adams

  16. Congrats on another successful year StarsQA! Keep rocking on!
    from Allison Augustin

  17. Happy Birthday StarsQA! Here's to many more!
    from Mary Alexandra Stiefvater

  18. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity! Congrats! Keep going! :* Happy Anniversary! Best of luck and happiness!
    from Crina

  19. Congrats!!!
    from Carly Sun

  20. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary. Warmest best wishes today and always.
    from Jacklyn Zeman

  21. Happy Anniversary
    from nmpaq22

  22. I am SO thrilled that you are celebrating your 2nd year! You had an idea, you put it to work & it is amazing how you have given us a format to question our favorite stars. Looking forward to seeing your site grow beyond your dreams. One of the best sites online! Kudos! Happy Anniversary StarsQA!!!
    from Soap Dish Rag

  23. Congrats on 2 years! I love using stars q and a and hope many others do too!
    from mfick1

  24. Congratulations on your Second Year, StarsQA! Have a Really Terrific Birthday!
    from Diane Chambers

  25. Happy 2nd Birthday StarsQA!!! May this next year be even more stellar than the last.
    from Patrick G Keenan

  26. Happy Happy Birthday StarsQA, wishing you many more! I am so grateful to have you as part of the beginning of my journey!
    from Aakyra Alihaah Carter

  27. Happy Birthday StarsQA..Its been a great 2 years..Keep up the good work. xx
    from Carol Cummings

  28. Congratulations on being amazing for 2 years already. I'm so grateful to have you with me on this journey.
    from Mela Hudson

  29. Happy Birthday Q&A and many mmmooooorrreeee!
    from Franz Ates

  30. Happy Birthday StarsQA! That is so wonderful! May you continue to be successful and keep doing the awesome work you do. Thank you so much for your support. Much love.
    from Angel Sessions

  31. Happy Birthday StarsQA and here's to many more great years!
    from Eugene Awuni

  32. Happy Birthday StarsQA! Here's to many more good years!
    from Aaron

  33. Happy two year Anniversary!
    from sabastian

  34. Happy Birthday StarsQA!:)
    from Azim

  35. Happy Birthday. May the odds be ever in your favor as you move up.
    from Sam

  36. Happy Birthday StarsQA! More Power and God Bless and Wishing you many more years to come
    from Jundal Teves

  37. Happy Birthday StarsQA! I wish you a fantastic year and the years to come and thank you so much for helping me grow!
    from Keeanna Johnson

  38. Happy birthday! Congrats to you and all your success! Thanks for helping me better connect with my fans!
    from Aida Lembo

  39. Happy 2nd Birthday, StarsQA! I very much enjoy being a part of your website. I wish you many more birthdays! Xo
    from Benjamin Sellards

  40. Happy Birthday StarsQA and thank you for helping connect with my soon to be growing fans.
    from Dino Wells

  41. Many happy returns!
    from England Simpson

  42. Thanks for being awesome! I love this site! Thanks for helping me connect with stars! :) Love, Lauren
    from laurenimbriano

  43. Happy Birthday StarsQA make it a great one <3
    from Emma Engle

  44. Thank you for letting me be a STAR on this awesome site! Happy 2nd Birthday StarsQA!
    from Annabelle Roberts

  45. Hello StarsQA! I am thrilled you are celebrating your 2nd birthday! What an honor to share this day with you! Thanks for reaching out to my fans all the way on the other side of the world. Happy Birthday! Love, Laci Kay
    from Laci Kay

  46. Happy Birthday StarsQA! Wishing you many more! I'm glad to be apart of your site :)
    from Terrell Ransom JR

  47. Happy Birthday StarsQA love being a part of this site! :)
    from Jacob Ewaniuk

  48. Happy Burthday StarsQA!!!! Have a wonderful year with many journeys to come! :D
    from Sophia Ewaniuk

  49. Happy birthday StarsQA. Hope this site goes on for many more years. And as it continues I hope to follow. Love you and happy birthday StarsQA
    from 12bannanagurl

  50. Happy 2nd Birthday, StarsQA! May there be many more birthdays to come.
    from Shannon

  51. Happy birthday!
    from Leon Acord

    from Diane Chambers

    from Tamara Truly Wahrmund