Our 1st year anniversary was on 13th August 2013, and this page shows how we marked this occasion.

Hello everyone, this is Jenny (Editor/Site Manager) it seems like just yesterday I was signing up my first star. I never expected the site to be as popular as it is. I would like to thank everyone who has visited this site to ask their favourite star a question or to read one of the interviews and most of all the stars who have joined the site, without them the site wouldn't be what it is today. It has been an amazing year and here's to another fanastic year.

Here is some quotes from stars that are featured on the site

Thanks Jen for all your hard work and bringing us together with our fans! - Lindsey Mckeon

I LOVE this site! I can see some of my favorite stars and friends! Congrats on your first year! Keep up the good works! - Brandi Alyssa Young

Stars Q&A is a perfect way to directly connect with your fans without any hassles. I'm stoked to be a part of such a great site. - York Shackleton

I just joined starsQA and am very excited to be part of this site! Good vibes sent your way for another glorious year and many more! - Cassidi Hoag

We were so thrilled when asked to be a part of Starsqa, not just because it's an honor to be recognized as an up and comer but more importantly in this day and age of media intrusiveness we should applaud and foster a company which promotes non-intrusive means of connecting working actors with those who support them and their work. - Gigi Cappetta

I have really enjoyed being on your site and really like having the opportunity to interact with the people out there. I also enjoy seeing other actors interviews and catching up on what they are doing. Thanks StarsQA for making this possible - Austin MacDonald

Happy 1st Birthday to StarsQA! It's a pleasure to be a part of it. - Nicole LaPlaca

This site has benefited me in so many ways. Allowing me to connect with people and fans of my work is extremely rewarding. Thank you Jen! - Patrick White

StarsQA is a fun way to communicate with people all over the world! Garrett enjoys the interaction with his fans. Thank you StarsQA! - Garrett Palmer's Mother

Happy birthday starsQA! I am honored and proud to be a member of starsQA. I also very much appreciate the fact that starsQA promotes the film projects that I am in and the awards that I have won - it's a wonderful site and I am very much looking forward to our future together. Thank you and happy birthday again!!! - Dawna Lee Heising

Happy Anniversary!! love being part of your site. - Connor Levins

StarsQA has been an integral part of communicating with and interacting with fans of the comic, film and music genres. The site was brought to my attention via my publicist and I was immediately hooked. I love the fact that I feel I am on a one-on-one basis with others when I upload videos from my home or set and it makes it that much more personal. Happy Birthday StarsQA and thank you for a wonderful year! - XON - Neil D'Monte

Happy Birthday to you...and me! We share August 13th as our birthday! Wishing you another fun year on your great site that I'm honored to be included in! Congrats! - Kathleen Gati

Happy 1st Birthday!! Love being a part of StarsQA :-) - Michael Damian

Happy Birthday/First Anniversary, #starsQA! I wish you the best for a bright future! - Diane Chambers

Here is some quotes from fans of the site

So awesome to learn about the celebrities on a "personal" level. Thanks for creating this site!! - Jennifer Sims

It's fan tastic - James Hammonds

I think your site is a great place to get the updates and to interact with the soap people. You have done an incredible job... Keep up with your positivity. A very nice place to visit. Thank you. - Christiaan Ryder

StarsQA is a place where you can connect to some of your favorite celebrities. The celebrities on this site are ones that truly care about their fans that is why they participate in this experience. - Brent C

StarsQA is a fantastic! A great way for fans to get to ask their questions for their favorite celebrities.- Star-Kidz

Here is some birthday messages from stars that are featured on the site

Woot! Woot! Congrats on the first year starsqa.com!!! - Christine Barger

Happy Birthday StarsQA!!! We share the same birthday!!! Mine is also on the 13th of August!!! Great day to celebrate!!! Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Kathleen Gati

Congrats on your stellar year! - England Simpson

Happy First Birthday, StarsQA! I'm looking forward to sharing more birthdays with you in the years to come! I'm thrilled to be part of this great site! - Diane Chambers (aka Agnes in "Sharknado")

HAPPY BORNDAY, StarsQA!! Thanks so much for including me on your list! - Brandi Alyssa Young

Happy First Birthday!!! Here's to many more! - Patrick G. Keenan

Happy 1st birthday starsqa.com! I am honored to be a member of your team!!! :) - Dawna Lee Heising

Happy Birthday and congrats on reaching 1 year online!! I'm so thrilled to be a part of this site! - Rebekah Kennedy @rebekahkennedy

Same as my birthday!!! Woo hoo! - Tom Gore

Happy Anniversary on your first year! Great to be invited into the fold. Keep on growing! - Michael Worth

Happy Birthday! Thank you for allowing me to be a member of the StarsQA family!! - Annabelle Roberts @AnnabelleRR

Happy One Year starsqa.com - Here's to many, many more. Thanks for the support - Matthew Nardozzi

Happy Anniversary!! love being part of your site. - Connor Levins

Happy One year Anniversary. Continue with The Success & positive flow!!!!! - Jacques Derosena

Happy Birthday! - Jacob Ewaniuk

Happy Birthday StarsQA and congratulations on YEAR ONE! I am honored to be a part of you! - XO - Neil D'Monte

Happy birthday StarsQA! I am honored and proud to be a member of StarsQA and look forward to a long partnership and much success together! - Dawna Lee Heising

Happy 1st birthday starsqa. I hope you have many more. Thank you for adding me to you're site. - Carol Cummings

Happy Birthday, StarsQA! I hope your future is bright and lights up the sky! XOXO!! - Diane Chambers (Actress - "Sharknado")

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRG0jsG2HzI Congrats! - Austin MacDonald

Here is some birthday messages from fans of the site

Happy Birthday starsqa.com - Willard Williams

May the 4th be with you! No wait... that's a different date entirely. There's no joke for august 13, why is your birthday then? Anywho... happy birthday :) may your uptime be plentiful and your dns records un-confused - Kelly Larsen

Happy Birthday. Great site for us to ask the questions that we all want to know. Wishing you much success. - Soap Dish Rag

Congratulations & Happy 1st Anniversary!! Thank you for including our clients on your site! Wishing you continued success! - Lisa @ NoodleHead Productions

My message? To have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to continue on with success. - Christiaan

Wishing you all of God's best for a wonderful birthday - Gary Richard Collins II

I want to wish you a super happy birthday! I hope you do lots of fun things and I am supporting you in all that you do!!! From your biggest fan, Luca - Luca Jimenez

Congratulations on 1 year! And hopefully a lot more years to come! (: - Bryne Bruce

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for allowing me to be part of your team! - Dawn Deatherage

Keep "Staring" ! - Jeremy Ebenstein

Happy Birthday !!! - Peggy Poole

Happy Birthday - Bobbie Pricemore

HAPPY BIRTHDAY & CONGRATULATIONS!!! Looking forward to more. - Kayla Cusano

Happy Birthday! - Sara @DreamerofSoaps

Happy Birthday "Stars" !!! Break a leg & 100 more !!! - Mark Musto

All of us on RHeart send congrats on your first anniversary! :) - RHeart Network, the Fan's Voice! Luv Chrissy, Dania & Pylicia

Happy one year anniversary! Great site! - Christy aka @liasonradio

Happy Birthday StarsQA! - Star-KidZ

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