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  1. Brodie CornishSophie - Sophie's Turn (Short)

    17th March 2018

    1.    Hi Brodie, who and what have been your biggest influences and motivations to become an actress? ~ Gregory John

      Hi! I grew up a competitive dancer, and my dance school offered acting classes so I got involved. Now that I'm older, I really enjoy the aspect of exploring new characters and seeing the world through a different perspective. At the moment I'm loving Sydney Sweeney (Check her out in Everything Sucks - she's absolutely incredible!), but my all time fave actress is Greta Gerwig!

  2. Welcoming our newest star
    16th March 2018

    Brodie Cornish
    Sophie - Sophie's Turn (Short)
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  3. Allison JamesIsabel McGrath-Dufresne - Ghost Wars (TV Show)

    13th March 2018

    1.    How many months did it take to film the short film A Family Of Ghosts? ~ Tiffany

      Actually it was part of the prestigious Crazy 8 Festival in Vancouver. The festival brings together the very best in the industry and the films are required to be put together in a short time period. That said we filmed over just a few days and it was CRAZY! Hence the name. It went on to receive recognition in the Cannes Film Festival.

    2.    When did you first start acting ? ~ Tiffany

      I started in musical theater at the age of four and loved it. I decided to take some acting classes and found I loved it to. I then did a few commercials and short films before landing Ghost Wars.

  4. Kaya Rose DavisJazz - Vanished (Movie)

    13th March 2018

    Kaya Rose Davis on booking a film!

  5. Welcoming our newest stars
    12th March 2018

    Allison James
    Isabel McGrath-Dufresne - Ghost Wars (TV Show)
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    Aiden Cumming-Teicher
    George - Beyond The Sun (Movie)
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