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  1. Medhaa Banaji Author/Actress/Youtuber

    22nd April 2017

    1.    What is your book about? ~ Audry Lilla

      My book is about twelve year old twins, Sam and Alana, who had a picture perfect life. One day, everything came crashing down. Their parents were abducted, but before they were taken, left the children with a mysterious locket. Shortly after, Sam and Alana were taken to an orphanage, only to realize that it was far from ordinary. It was an orphanage for children with unique powers. These powers allowed them to gain certain characteristics of animals. Sam and Alana then discover that they belong to a secluded race of people, who have been in hiding for hundreds of years. While trying to put the pieces together and come up with a plan to rescue their parents, they are transferred to a mystical island, the Adventure Island, whose secrets are as profound as its history. Everything they once knew, and thought was real, is in question.

  2. Welcoming our newest star
    22nd April 2017

    Timothy Bowman
    He is an actor
    Darrell - Murder Among Friends (TV Show)
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  3. Kassidy SlaughterNoona - Evarb (Movie)

    21st April 2017

    1.    What can you tell us about the new show you are in? Any exciting things coming up or some new cast members? ~ Terra

      Hi Terra! My new show is called Finding the Future, which is an Amazon Video series! We are currently in the process of filming season one, and it's going great. I can't wait for the fans to see! We do have some new cast members coming up later in the series that we can't wait to have on the show and share with the fans!

  4. Welcoming our newest stars
    18th April 2017

    AJ Lauer
    He is a singer in the band AJ and Tara
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    Tara Burrows
    She is a singer in the band AJ and Tara
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  5. Ava and Allison Augustin
    17th April 2017

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