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  1. Serena LaurelActress / Singer SongWriter / Model

    26th April 2016

    1.    What is the hardest part about being a model, actress, singer and songwriter? ~ ruthie lazenberry

      Hardest part about 1. Acting: The time constraints from last minute auditions that flip your schedule upside down. 2. Modeling: Skimpy Clothing. 3. Singer/Songwriter: Sloppy sound engineers.

  2. Dylan BrodyAuthor / Humorist / Story-teller

    26th April 2016

    1.    Why don't you have one or more cats? You have two dogs and a turtle. ~ Bob Abrahams

      I am very, very allergic to cats. They make my eyes itch and exacerbate my asthma terribly. When I met my lovely wife... whose name escapes me at the moment, she owned a beautiful orange striped tabby named Jojo Precious Tiger Kitty (The Cat Who Could Tell Time). I was less allergic to him than I am to most cats and we bonded quickly. He allowed me to pet him with my feet, which nobody else was allowed to do, and I believe he did this because he understood that it worked better for me and caused me fewer issues. The story of his time-telling abilities can be heard on my first CD, Brevity and can be found in the Chicken Soup For The Soul: Very Good/Very Bad Cat book a copy of which you are now eligible to win because you send me this question and another story about him shows up on one of my other CDs as part of a track called Alpha Male. Despite my allergies, my wife and I have come close to adopting stray cats a couple of times, and it could still happen if the right moment of bonding were to occur. I love animals significantly more than I love my ability to breathe.

  3. John ElvisBen Drake - Under The Dome (TV Show)

    25th April 2016

    1.    Which actress do you want to make out with? ~ Jessamyn

      Mila Kunis

  4. Autumn BellYoung Sam - There Is No Door (Movie)

    25th April 2016

    1.    What show or movie was the hardest to play on? ~ ruthie

      There Is No Door was sort of a difficult one because it's a thriller and sometimes it's hard to play that role when there are so many emotions going on in the different scenes.

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    24th April 2016

    Serena Laurel

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