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  1. Angel SessionsYou Send Me Higher - Singer

    19th February 2017

    1.    How did you begin you career? ~ Demetrius

      I started in 1990. I knew I wanted to be a singer, so I started looking for studios to record my first two love songs i have written. I never looked back from that point. Thats how I started my career.

  2. Alexander NifongShepard - Oh, You Pretty Things! (TV Show)

    19th February 2017

    1.    How do you handle or deal with stress? ~ Jessica Brown

      I spend an hour every day meditating and praying. When that's not enough, I love running - I used to run 9-15 miles a day. Thanks for your question!

  3. Welcoming our newest stars
    19th February 2017

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  4. Angel SessionsYou Send Me Higher - Singer

    7th February 2017

    Im so excited to share that I have a new EP coming March 3rd that will be release on Atlas Elite Entertainment. Look for it worldwide on all online stores.

  5. Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

    31st January 2017

    1.    What type/genre of movies and television shows do you addition for? ~ Jamie

      All types. A lot of stronger female characters, I don't usually get called in for a naive girl next door type or someone that can be walked all over, I don't think I give off that vibe :)

    2.    What's your favorite holiday? :D ~ Philip Gipson

      Christmas and thanksgiving :) I love the feeling in the air and the food

    3.    How does your role in 'Women and sometimes men' differentiate from your other roles? And will it be released on dvd? ~ Courtney

      It is finally finished and being submitted to film festivals now.
      The role is different for me since it's a very indie film, more long drawn out moments holding on the actors for conversations, which I've always wanted to experience. Also it's a film about exploration, in sex and relationships. My character finds another woman attracted to her and because of the chemistry she's inquisitive, which to me is beautiful and real and very much of the era I've grown up in.

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