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  1. Alexander NifongShepard - Oh, You Pretty Things! (TV Show)

    20th May 2017

    1.    How do you prepare for auditions? ~ StarsQA Team

      Though mostly fluid, the basic prep for my auditions is: read, score, connect and research, experiment with actions, score actions , memorize as early after as possible, go do something else, return and repeat, add a texture, explore, repeat

  2. Neil JacksonAbraham Van Brunt - Sleepy Hollow (TV Show)

    19th May 2017

    1.    Hi! I was wondering- other than your character of course- who was your favorite Absentia character, and why? (If you can tell us, that is!) ~ laura

      Emily is such a complex character. I cannot wait to see her journey unfold on screen. And Stana did an explorary job bring all of that powerful complexity to life.

    2.    You seemed to really enjoy Bulgaria while shooting Absentia. Was that your first time there? What about it did you enjoy the most? Also, are you now addicted to Escape Rooms? :):) ~ Quasar

      I love Bulgaria. Such a fun and exciting city. I enjoyed meeting the people, learning the culture and, yes, cultivating my new addiction to escape rooms.

    3.    I love your Music CD, especially 'Holding a candle' ❤️. What else do you have coming up project wise? ~ ~Carmen from Germany

      Thank you, Carmen. I am currently working on a collaboration with Bulgaria hip-hop star Kristo. That should be released towards the end of June.

    4.    If you could describe Absentia in three words, which ones would you use? ~ Fania

      What. Is. Real.

    5.    Are there any difference in the relationship between your character and Stana's character from their childhood to where she makes her comeback from 'death?' ~ Colleen

      Of course, there are huge changes. Siblings grow and the relationship evolves.

    6.    Did you know or had heard of Stana Katic before Absentia? ~ Cindy

      I knew of Stana's work and have always been impressed by it. And of course, we both played pivotal roles in the Bond franchise in Quantum Of Solace.

    7.    I'm curious, obviously you was in miobi which is a totally different show to Absentia but did you learn anything about acting whilst you were in miobi and if so, did it help you film Absentia? ~ Emma

      I learn so much from every job that I do. That's the nature of acting. It's an exploration, and each role and project is a playground for growth and discovery. Sasha, at his root, had a lonely sense of betrayal - that he was ostracized from the gymnastics community that he loved. Jack in Absentia has at his core very similar feelings.

    8.    With the decline and now cancellation of Sleepy Hollow. Why wasn't The Horseman used to his full potential? Would have been great to see him as a Ghost Rider type of character. ~ Robert

      I cannot speak for the writers of the show, but I felt that the way they reinvented The Horseman was incredibly smart and creative. The depth of character they gave me to play with Abraham gave a sad empathy for an otherwise two dimensional villain, and divided an audiences sympathies. That to me is incredibly clever and rewarding.

  3. Hudson WestJake Webber - General Hospital (TV Show)

    17th May 2017

    1.    How do you rehearse your lines so well for your character on General Hospital? ~ Quick question

      I read through my lines and learn my all of queues, which are the lines before mine and I just remember them. I go over them alone & then rehearse with my mom.

  4. Welcoming our newest star
    17th May 2017

    Savana Tardieu
    She is an actress
    Breaker Kid - The Dark Tower (Movie)
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  5. Lindsey MckeonTaylor James - One Tree Hill (TV Show)

    12th May 2017

    1.    How do you prepare for auditions? ~ StarsQA Team

      I break down the scene and try to find some way that it reflects my own life and experience to make it mean something to me. I learn my lines, and then I try to have fun with it and go outside the boundaries so that it can have a life of it's own beyond the parameters I set up.

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