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  1. Samuel CaruanaSheldon - Girl Meets World (TV Show)

    19th February 2018

    1.    If you could see any singer/band/group in concert, who would it be? ~ Carmen

      Great question, Carmen. Miles Davis or John Coltrane both are no longer living but both are Jazz music icons and I am a real Jazz head. (A little trivia about me)

    2.    If you could hang out with any fictional character, who would you choose? ~ Tricia

      Hi Tricia! I'd chose Indiana Jones because I love History and I think he would be fun to hang with.

    3.    I loved your role in Fall Out Boy's "Young Blood Chronicles" series! Do you have any cool stories to share about while you were on set? ~ Carmen

      Thanks Carmen. I loved that role too. It was a lot of fun. Mainly, I guess the story is just that the band is so cool. Really really nice guys and they treated me like family and were so nice to my mom and me. They are really as nice as they seem and Tommy Lee from Motley Crue, Big Sean, the directors and producers were equally as cool. It was a truly great experience.

  2. Hudson WestJake Webber - General Hospital (TV Show)

    18th February 2018

    1.    Hey Hudson. I know you love cats. Are there any other animals that you really like? ~ Darren Green

      Hi Darren,

      Thanks for the question. I do love cats and I have 3!!
      I also like pet bunnies and I'd love a husky.. But we are so busy that dogs are just to much of a responsibility.. They require too much attention that we just can't supply right now.
      Cats are easy!! 😻 😻
      I do love almost any animal though!!

  3. Welcoming our newest star
    6th February 2018

    Eve Moon
    Mikayla - The Millers (TV Show)
    Ask her a question

  4. Lulu LambrosEllie Peters - Stuck In The Middle (TV Show)

    4th February 2018

    1.    Are you in season 3 and how many episode have you shot so far? ~ Jason

      Hi Jason. Yes, I'm in season three and I've filmed a couple of episodes already. Thanks for being a fan of the show!

  5. Samuel CaruanaSheldon - Girl Meets World (TV Show)

    29th January 2018

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