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  1. Welcoming our newest stars
    25th July 2016

    Ricky Bell

    He is an actor

    Jabari - The First Orphan (Movie)

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    Madison Ferguson

    She is an actress

    Lori Stanley - The Stanley Dynamic (TV Show)

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  2. Welcoming our newest star
    24th July 2016

    Kassidy Slaughter

    She is an actress

    Noona - Evarb (Movie)

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  3. Taylor HayQuinn Reynolds - Strings (TV Show)

    23rd July 2016

    1.    What kind of learner are you, auditory, visual, or kinesthetic? ~ Jedicamp_Diva

      I'm probably a mix of visual and kinesthetic. I need to understand something first and then I need to do it for myself. Once I've done that, I have it down.

    2.    What was it like filming the TV show Strings? ~ Tiffany

      It was a lot of fun. The cast all got along great and I really enjoyed working with all the special effects. We had a crazy shoot schedule. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.

    3.    When your not filming TV shows or a short film what do you do in your free time? ~ Tiffany

      Lots of things! I love hanging with my friends and boyfriend. I go to Six Flags, go trap and target shooting, spend time with my dogs, and lately, have been Pokemon hunting LOL

  4. Welcoming our newest stars
    20th July 2016

    Harper Udell

    She is an actress

    Arianna Grace Horton - Days of Our Lives (Soap Opera)

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    Sydnee Udell

    She is an actress

    Arianna Grace Horton - Days of Our Lives (Soap Opera)

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  5. Isabella CarrAnne - The Silence (Movie)

    17th July 2016

    Our Isabella Carr giveaway winners are...

    1. Who is the actress or actor you most look up to? - Andrew Reinhardt
    2. What has been your most challenging role, and why? - Susan Ruffolo
    3. How do you balance school and acting? - John Conenna
    4. What do you love most about acting? - antonia
    5. What was it like to work with Cleo Tellier? Was it intimidating? - Lucy459

    Congratulations, they have won a signed headshot from Isabella Carr

    Her responses to the question above and more can found here -->

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