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  1. Brandon Tyler RussellBen - Smitty (Movie)

    22nd September 2017

    1.    How do you prepare for auditions? ~ StarsQA Team

      Every audition is different as far as how I prepare. If it is for a co-star role with just a few lines, I just read through the lines and decide how I feel the character would say those lines. If it is a guest star role/lead role for film, I read the entire script to get familiar with all the other characters and what is going on with each of them, their relationships, where dialogue takes place, etc. Then, I do research if need be on characteristics, disabilities, mannerisms, etc....I also always research the casting director and director to see what other projects they have worked on previously & any other specifics on what they look for (I have a book that I use for that). Then, I dive into learning the lines and practicing them over and over to try and create the type of character I want to bring to them during the casting process.

  2. TK WeaverDanny Morgan - General Hospital (Soap Opera)

    15th September 2017

    1.    What does the TK stand for in your name? ~ Christine

      Thomas Kendrick. Family names. I only go by TK - I may legally change it when I get old enough.

  3. Nicholas FryMorris - Max & Ruby (TV Show)

    31st August 2017

    1.    StarsQA has been online for 5 years, so we was wondering what has been your favorite career highlight from the past 5 years? ~ StarsQA Team

      My favorite career highlight was when I had the honor of working alongside Christopher Lloyd in 12 Monkeys. He is truly a fantastic actor and a really nice man.

  4. Kacey FifieldKarissa - Game Shakers (TV Show)

    22nd August 2017

    1.    What would you like your dream role to be? ~ Madisyn Weiss

      I would love to be a part of a great adventure film with comedy in it. Traveling somewhere exotic to film it would be awesome. I would like to be a spy or a young heroine who saves the world!

  5. Lulu LambrosEllie Peters - Stuck In The Middle (TV Show)

    21st August 2017

    1.    What would you like your dream role to be? ~ Madisyn Weiss

      Wow Madisyn, my dream role... if I could dream up my next role I would star in a feature film which shoots in an cool, exotic location like, hmmmm... Australia, and the cast and crew would be experienced actors, directors and producers that I would have the honor to work with, learn from and hopefully grow and become a better actor. It's exciting just to think about it!!! Thanks for the great question!

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